Acceptance and types of contributions

The Building Materials and Structures journal will publish unpublished papers, articles and conference reports with  modifications, In the  field of Civil Engineering and similar  areas (Geodesy and Architecture).The following types of contributions will be published: original scientific papers, preliminary reports, review articles, professional papers, objects describe/presentations and experiences (case studies), as well as discussions on published papers.

Original scientific paper is the primary source of scientific information and new ideas and insights as a result of original research using appropriate scientific methods. The achieved results are presented briefly, but in a way to enable proficient readers to assess the results of experimental or theoretical numerical analyses, so that the research can be repeated and yield with the same or results within the limits of tolerable deviations, as stated in the paper.

Preliminary report contains the first short notifications on the results of research but without detailed explanation, i.e. it is shorter than the original scientific paper.

Review paper is a scientific work that presents the state of science in a particular area as a result of analysis, review and comments, and conclusions of published papers, on which the necessary data are presented clearly and critically, including the own papers. Any reference units used in the analysis of the topic are indicated, as well as papers that may contribute to the results of further research. If the reference data are methodically systematized, but not analyzed and discussed, such review papers are classified as technical papers.

Technical paper is a useful contribution which outlines the known insights that contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and adaptation of the results of original research to the needs of theory and practice.

Other contributions are presentations of objects, i.e. their structures and experiences (examples) in the construction and application of various materials (case studies).
In order to speed up the acceptance of papers for publication, authors need to take into account the Instructions for the preparation of papers which can be found in the text below.